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More Morris Teams from the Isle of Wight

Guith Morris

Mr Baker's Dozen

Men of Wight

Oyster Girls on Facebook

The Wight Bells

Moonshine Border Morris on Facebook

Music and Festivals

The Crew are an Isle of Wight band that play a fantastic, raw mix of Sea songs, Shanties and Folk songs.
Visit The Crew on Facebook.

Wight Hot Pipes, also from the Island, are a Celtic Rock band playing covers from all genres with vocals and bagpipes.
Find Wight Hot Pipes on Facebook.

Cephalodidge on Facebook a brilliant IoW based didgeridoo player, Joe Caudwell.

Yarmouth Sea Songs and Shanty Festival an annual music event following on the immensely popular old Gaffers festival.

General Information

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Source Material for the Border Morris Tradition

Morris Database of Teams, Dances and Tunes

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